Alice and the dream of a garden

Alice Esclapon de Villeneuve was born in Florence. At the age of four she moved into the house where she later started creating EdV Garden, surrounded by a big and loving family. She has been keen on spending time amidst nature since she was little, and the garden has always been her safe haven (her brother still recounts the time when she decided to climb up a tree and stay there for a whole day in sign of protest).
Alice has been in the agricultural sector for a long time. She started taking care of the garden when she was approximately thirty, after her dad died and she participated in a gardening competition (hosted by Florence’s Garden Club) in his place.
In 1996 she gave birth to her daughter Serle, and the artistic project in the garden began.



“I nurture the idea that
the emotion provoked by a garden
is gentle, faint
like a butterfly flapping its wings.”

The story of a passion that becomes a vision

EdV Garden would probably not be the same without the beautiful landscape of Florence in front of it. The garden is not a tribute to the city however, and it must not be compared to the incredible beauty of the town.
Why should a visitor venture above the Piazzale Michelangelo looking for EdV Garden? Why, after a long day visiting museums, shouldn’t one long to see magnificent creations of unusual objects? Why shouldn’t one want to find lightness of mind by looking at cute, little, colorful hens? Why shouldn’t a place of such artistic expression be a good spot to observe the beauty of Florence?

Square mts.

Plant varieties

A fairytale garden with fabulous views

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