Diary of a Garden Dreamer

A Garden with a view

Colorful and cheerful, EdV Garden extends along the gentle slopes of a hill dotted with ancient walls, narrow streets and footpaths and with a view of the city that is as mind-blowing as it is beautiful. It is also a playful space where one can relax and enter more deeply into the natural world.

EdV Garden gets its name from the three initials of the creator’s family name: Esclapon de Villeneuve.
Everything started as a game almost twenty years ago, when Alice’s daughter was born, with the objective of creating a special corner of the world for her to play in and familiarize with nature.
After a long creative process, the installations that made this small corner of the world come to life are now ready to be shown to everybody.

It’s not easy to visualize the creative mind behind this project. Is she an artist? A green thumb? A visionary? Is it even relevant? Probably not, because the concept behind EdV is to give life to a setting where objects, plants and flowers can have a voice of their own.



A garden grants to a man
a far away place
that simultaneously is
a mirror of the cosmo
and a consecrated space
to the pursuit of happiness.”

(Marco Martella, “Tornare al giardino”)


“Please be kind and gentle when you visit my garden. Your thoughts are yours so let them roam freely, allowing them to embrace the idea that this garden was created for you alone and that I, Alice, served no one other.”


EdV Info

If you’d like to have information about the visit, news, or events concerning the garden, contact us through our email address.

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