Hidden Paths

In a frenetic but in its own way predictable world, these paths revealed to the visitor’s gaze offer themselves as a refuge and a place to get lost; where it is possible for the imagination to take over and abandon itself to travel, letting itself be inspired by the details of the green and vibrant world of the garden.

Shadow Path

The path consists of 7 galleries, each with a whimsical name, waiting patiently to lead guests to the top of the garden, where The Romantic Table can be found: a metaphysical meeting point, suspended between reality and dream, where the different shadowy paths cross. It is an invitation to introspection, to look towards oneself and one’s thoughts, while contemplating nature.

Percorso in ombra generale
Farfalle Generale

The Butterfly Factory


A part of the garden designed and cultivated to attract butterflies and allow them to live and reproduce in a welcoming environment. A succession of spaces dedicated to different life stages: The Winter Garden, the Nursery, the Pastures. In the garden they can lay their eggs and grow among the cabbages and apple trees, under the branches of the plum and strawberry trees, in a paradise of scents and colors.