Shadow Path

The path consists of 7 galleries, each with a whimsical name, waiting patiently to lead guests to the top of the garden, where The Romantic Table can be found, a metaphysical meeting point suspended between reality and dream, where the different shadowy paths cross. It is an invitation to introspection, to look towards oneself and one’s thoughts, while contemplating nature.
“This path hides little puzzles to be solved and the very names of the galleries are clues to a world that is revealed step by step in a light and playful exploration: I have scattered around the garden and along the Shadow Path traces and clues of my personality so that, anyone who is willing and in the right frame of mind can recognize the emotional levers of my passion for the garden and desire to share.”

The Vision

The habit of walking around the garden with a parasol umbrella stems from a particular sensitivity of the skin that I have to protect, especially in the hottest hours, from the sun’s rays. I often forget to bring it with me, so I created a path of pure curiosity that winds through arches and delicate passages, a walk under the gentle cover of leaves and foliage silhouetted against the sky, a way to immerse oneself in the very essence of the garden and feel its embrace.

This path, which will increase its shadowiness as time passes, is a reflection of the secret world I have created for myself, a world in which shadow is my faithful companion, to share with the visitors of the garden.

Plants used

Strawberry grapes

Selection of seasonal horticultural plants

Percorso in ombra gallery
Percorso in ombra gallery



Hidden Paths