EdV Experiences

EdV Garden would probably not be the same without the beautiful landscape of Florence in front of it. The garden is not a tribute to the city though, and it must not be compared to the incredible beauty of the town.

Why should a visitor venture above the Piazzale Michelangelo looking for EdV Garden? Why, after a long day visiting museums, shouldn’t one long to see magnificent creations of unusual objects? Why shouldn’t one want to find lightness of mind by looking at cute little colorful hens? Why shouldn’t a place of such artistic expression be a good spot to observe the beauty of Florence?


Type:guided tour

Guided tour of the garden

with Alice

The experience consists of a 1 and a half hour guided tour. Alice will lead you through the entire path of the garden, stopping at the points of the installations indicated on the map. Bookable in Italian, English, French and Spanish (see dedicated page on this site).


Type: open

Tour of the garden

web app audioguide included

The experience consists of a 2 hours open visit. It is possible to freely walk around the garden with the help of a paper map and the exclusive web app containing audio guides with all the necessary info.


Type: evening

Lanterns and Lights

evening visit with lanterns

Available April to September The experience consists of a 1.5-hour visit. You will be taken on a night tour with lamps and then enjoy the panorama of Florence and the illuminated garden.