11. Blue Cat Sailer

Gardens aren’t just made out of grass, fruits, trees and flowers – like Shakespeare would say, they are the same stuff that dreams are made of… It’s because I was chasing an open-eyed dream that I decided to transform a big hammock, that had been slouching for years, into a sailer ready to explore boundless horizons. I gave the command to a Blue Cat and entrusted him to guide a very particular crew, ready to face any sea storm. In the back of the ship, a frog is sitting on a ceramic sphere, waiting for the perfect moment to drop the anchor…

The Vision

The ship is anchored between two atolls, besieged by a huge Tamarix octopus monster. The waves of the sea are graminaceous bushes that fuss in the wind, while the Gingko Biloba sail swells in the air. In the winter time, the hull is an intertwinement of naked Canadian vine branches, that get covered in green leaves during springtime. In autumn everything changes, the hull becomes red and the sail golden. In May, the two areas close to the Sailer get painted with a special hint of blue…

Life is just like this Sailer – if you don’t grasp it, it stays anchored without moving… but if you courageously face the open sea, then it becomes a wonderful adventure.

Plants used

Abelia (abelia grandiflora)
Ivy (hedera helix)
Gingko biloba
Virginia creeper (parthenocissus quinquifolia)
Graminacea (stipa tenuissima)
Tamerice (tamarix gallica)
Lavender (lavandula angustifolia officinalis)
Bengal Rose (rosa bengalensis semperflorens)
Olive tree (olea europaea)
Prickly pear (opuntia ficus indica)
Sage (salvia officininalis)
Hypericum (iperico perforatum)
Berry Apple tree: yellow, green, red (malus)
Palm tree (chamaerops humilis)