13. The Tamarix Household

One of childhood’s many recreational activities is building forts and small houses to hide from adults and run away from hassles. Thinking about my daughter, with the idea to spend some quality time with her in mind, I created a real house with walls and doors made of leaves and flowers, totally absorbed in the green, where all you need to do to see the sky is just look up.

The Vision

It’s not a mansion, but maybe a small villa, entirely green, where you’ll be able to sit down and admire the view that glimpses from the windows. The walls instead of being painted, turn up to be made out of fifty shades of green, and other lively colors are painted on the real windows and doors. These walls, and the roof as well, need to be pruned three times per year— so it is common to receive guests entering the house from above, sometimes. Anyways, birds or humans, everyone is welcome here. The only problem might be drafts.

When nature is loved, it becomes a welcoming home and a shelter of happiness.

Plants used

Laurel (laurus nobilis)
Red Azarolus (crotaerus azzarolus)
Birch (betulla utilis)
Cherry tree (prunus avium)
Cypress (cupressus sempervirens)
Cypress Leylandii (cupressocyparis leylandii)
Ivy (hedera helix)
Eleagnus (eleagnus abbingei)
Prickly pear (opuntia ficus indica)
Wild strawberry (fragaria vesca)
Graminacea (stipa tenuissima)
Hypericum (hipericum perforatum)
Iris (iris germanica)
Quince tree (cydonia oblonga)
Olive tree (olea europaea)
Bengal Rose (rosa bengalensis semperflorens)
Dog Rose
Sage (salvia officinalis)
Tamerice (tamerix gallica)
Linden (tilia cordata)
Virginia creeper (parthenocissus quinquefolia)