14. A Very Long Walk in the Woods

I wanted to create a small pathway that leads into a mysterious forest, where an unknown visitor may (or may not) come out to surprise you. Since I needed to have an enchanted forest in the garden, I tried to solve the problem by turning the corridor that connects three different garden levels into a game of perspectives.

The Vision

Sometimes I ask myself: is it possible to play juggler with plants? I tried by creating something that changes with the shadows of the day, becoming more and more mysterious every hour. The pomegranate hedges take turns with graminaceous bushes, herons, rocks, along a gravel path that shrinks as you go further. The tilia and the mirror at the end of the path give the idea of being at the end of a long path in the woods. At some point you’ll spot someone between the leaves, but only when you’ll reach the top you’ll be able to find out who it is

Life can be like a path in the woods where lights and shadows reveal something about us, but we will, more or less, remain a mystery to ourselves.

Plants used

Abelia (abelia grandiflora)
Laurel (laurus nobilis)
Linden (Tillia cordata)
Yellow Azarolus (crataegus azarolus)
Red Azarolus (crataegus azarolus)
Eleagnus (eleagnus ebbingei)
Blue Graminacea (festuca glauca)
Graminacea (stipa tenuissima)
Pomegranate (punica granatum)
Viburnum Tinus
Sage (salvia officinalis)