2. Impossible Living Quarters

Small condos of different shapes and colors are called upon to represent, in shape and form, the struggle of a domestic partnership. The fish living in a strawberry-filled bathtub complains about the duck never letting him speak and the little bird never shutting up. The bat claims he’s always in the dark about what goes on in the condo, and the cat obviously always puts his mischievous pow in everyone’s business. Will characters that are so different ever be able to live together, even with the best intentions?

The Vision

I created this game of imagination to show my daughter how hard it is to always try to understand other people’s opinions. I don’t know if I can take credit for it, but she became a great mediator indeed… Over the heads of the many habitants of these strange colorful condos, nature keeps moving with its mellow rhythms and its many voices.

Learning to listen and accepting other’s opinions are some of the tools we should use in order to tackle the difficult world of cohabitation.

Plants used

Yellow Cherry Tree (prunus avium)
Wild strawberry (fragaria vesca)
Iris (iris germanica)
Bramble from thornless Blackberries (rubus fruticosus),
Olive tree (olea europaea)
Prostrate Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis prostratus)

Seasonal blooms (begoniea, Narcissusi, pansé)