25. Rose Beds and Flowers from Mars

In this slice of my paradise, I wanted to create a special garden that never fades. This is how the Martian Flowers were born— half real, made of olive trees, and half made of ceramic. These bizarre flowers from Mars that pop up in between the rose beds are enormous, they take on the colors of the sky and of the sea and will hold their blossoms for all eternity.

The Vision

During the darkest winter days, when the roses are dry and barren, I often long for the many colors of my dearest flowers. I therefore gave shape and form to my nostalgia and I created these Martian Flowers, colored like the sky and the sea, bottling the sprouts I so hardly desired inside a lilac ceramic drop. I positioned it up on the most significant tree for my Tuscanian hills, so I kindly asked my olive trees the closest cooperation— and they still have to give me confirmation, but in the meantime I made sure that the Martian Flowers could have their special moment amongst the roses.

A rose garden always in full blossom evokes the beauty that everyone longs for— but it is only by truly grasping the present that we’ll be able to keep our blossom forever.

Plants used

Pink and white abelia (abelia grandiflora)
Laurel (laurus nobilis)
Azarolus (crategus azarolus)
Berberis (berberis thunbergii)
Camellia (camelia japonica)
Bamboo (phyllostachys officinalis)
Artichoke (cynara scolimus-cardocomune)
Flowering Cherry (prunus serrulata)
Strawberry tree (arbutus unedo)
Cotonaster (cotoneaster lacteus)
Ivy (hedera helix)
Eleagnus (eleagnus abbingei)
Holm oak (quercus ilex)
Viburnum Tinus
Lonicera bush (lonicera nitida)
Malus with red berries (malus)
Apple tree (malus domestica)
Quince tree (cydonia oblonga)
Dwarf pomegranate (punica granatum nano)
Myrtle (myrtus communis)
Olive tree (olea europaea)
Pear tree (pyrus communis)
Plant of patience (philadelphus)
Landscaping Rose
Re-flowering Shrub Rose in clusters
Tea Rose
Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)
Prostrate Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis prostratus)
Sage (salvia officinalis)
Ornamental Sage (salva gregii microphilla)
Russian Sage (perovskia atriplicifolia)
Pink Spirea (spiraea prunifolia)
Plum tree (prunus domestica)
Cherry Plum (prunus pissardi)

Seasonal blooms: Narcissus