5. Fountain of Extraordinary Drops

Here you’ll find a super fresh waterfall made out of ceramic drops and colorful fish that swim between the rocks. Gramineous sprouts come out from their polished vases and graciously flow and slide through the wind, and their movements almost perfectly recall a stream of water. A long boulevard, bordered by rosemary and cotonaster, creates a gallery effect where air and leaves happily alternate. Will all these movements and colors distract the fish from realizing there is absolutely no water around them?

The vision

Dominating the waterfall, you’ll see a bench with a canopy-throne, studded with creamy white flowers. It is easy, from up there, to close our eyes for one second and imagine the sound of a fresh stream of water dashing through the rocks. Dreams should not be abandoned! You either keep dreaming or make your dreams come true. Just like that, my dream of having a waterfall in the garden became reality when I created this fountain.

We must not give up on dreams, even if they seem unreachable – they might require compromises to be made, but we can choose to either live hoping they’ll come true or make them a tangible reality.

Plants used

White Clematis (clematis)
Cotoneaster (cotoneaster lacteus)
Prickly pear (opuntia ficus indica)
Fig (ficus carica)
Graminacea (stipa tenuissima)
Iris (iris germanica)
Lavender (lavandula officinalis angustifolia)
Berry Apple tree (Malus)
Pomegranate (punica granatum)
Olive tree (olea europaea)
Re-flowering Shrub Rose in clusters
Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)
Plum tree (prunus domestica)
Tuya (thuja occidentalis)