6. Pineapple Amphitheater

The rocky amphitheater was built on the ashes of various abandoned pruned branches from the garden. Originally, some rocks protruded from a gash on the ground— once reorganized, they gave life to the amphitheater seats. The theater floors are made out of the gravel from my childhood’s home. A rare lilac plant and a hanging mulberry tree create the background and the curtains of this unique country theater, while the open gallery is decorated with tamarix and opuntia. All around the amphitheater, berry trees create decorations for the whole winter season, and light up like little flambeaux when the rain hits them.

The Vision

In this place I wanted to recollect, like in a giant aquarium, all the harmony from the garden. I dedicated it to a special someone -my husband- that loves music and pineapples. After discovering the reason behind the pineapple, one is allowed to seek solution of the mystery of the ceramic sardines that are studded all along the amphitheater stands… Well, in Italian, the name Alice is also the scientific name for ‘sardine’ so I decided to represent myself in a musical world where, like a fish, I am a mute observer.

Friendships are the evolution of great harmony between people— but they are an attainment that is achievable through hardships, and sometimes with the help of imagination.

Plants used

Laurel (laurus nobilis)
Yellow and Red Azarolus (crataegus azarolus)
Boxwood (boxus sempervirens)
Prickly Pear (opuntia ficus indica)
Blackberry Mulberry (morus nigra pendula)
Wisteria ( wisteria sinensis)
Graminacea (stipa tenuissima)
Lilac (siringa persica varietà)
Loropetalus (loropetalum chinense)
Berry Apple tree (malus)
Pomegranate (punica granatum)
Medlar tree (eriobotrya japonica)
Walnut tree (juglans regia)
Sage (salvia officinalis maxima)
Tamerice (tamarix gallica)

Seasonal blooms: begonia, pansé, narcissus